Quality Policy

The Quality Management System of DOKAR depends on using minimum amount of burocracy and documentation for fast decision making and for fast applicability.
This feature has been acquired with the help of below mentioned management and process approaches and has been successfully integrated into our Quality Policy:

  • To understand the customer requirements and to fullfil them completely by giving superior service,
  • To create an atmosphere to have common goals with all the staff of the company in order to reach company objectives,
  • To notice that all staff of the company is a vital member of DOKAR team and to use their abilities for the success of DOKAR Quality Management System,
  • To manage all activities and resources as a single process in order to achieve the desired results efficiently,
  • To identify and manage related processes as a system that contributes the effectivity and productivity of DOKAR for achiving the quality goals,
  • To make decisions depending on data and analysis of the knowledge,
  • To establish good relations with the suppliers in order to have common goals.


Mebusevleri Mah. Turgut Reis Cad. No: 5/11,
Ankara/Türkiye, 06580  


Email  : dokar@dokar.com.tr
Phone : +90(312) 440 11 33

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