Geothermal Energy

For turnkey construction of geothermal power plants, Dokar has teamed with Calnetix of USA for freon turbines and generators. This special and state-of-the-art turbogenerator set can make use of low temperature heat sources as low as 120°C. 
Since most of geothermal water sources in Turkey have low temperature, this new product offering by Dokar is expected to open new application opportunities in the geothermal energy field in Turkey. Again Dokar is offering complete packaged geothermal power plant solutions to investors.
Brief Review of Turkish Geothermal Power Market,
  • Installed capacity is limited i.e around 31MW.
  • 52MW is under construction.
  • The projects are accumulated in the west of Turkey, along the Eagean coast.
  • Total geothermal potential is around 31,500 MWth and 455 MWe.
  • MTA, a government Institute, owns the rights to the geothermal fields.
  • Typically the temperature of hot brine is below 150°C in Turkey, i.e the fields suitable for electricity generation is very limited
  • Typical depth of a geothermal water well is higher than 1000m. Deep drilling is necessary.
  • Reinjection is compulsory by law.
  • MTA drills exploration wells all over Turkey and they are the most experienced in deep drilling.
  • MTA is preparing tender documents for geothermal water wells that they themselves explored over the years.
  • MTA will be selling the rights of the hot water wells.
  • Two small IPPs exist as of 2009
  • Only renewable energy source which can generate base load.



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