Since 1989, Dokar Inc. has been building the energy infrastructure of Turkey, mainly by focusing on the turnkey construction of dams, irrigation facilities and installation of mechanical/electrical equipment and instrumentation under various state contracts. Through projects realized, Dokar has acquired invaluable experience and problem solving capability, not only in technical terms but also in relationship management with government & state authorities.
Dokar, relying on her past experience of building dams and thermal power plants, is very much involved in the renewable energy market. We have recently signed a strategic agreement with Serman Energy Srl., a Italian hydroelectric power plant equipment manufacturer. Dokar with vast experience in designing and building hydraulic structures and Serman with water turbine design and manufacturing capability, Dokar & Serman has the unique capability of offering turnkey and one stop design and construction of hydroelectric power plants not only in Turkey but also elsewhere.
Dokar-Serman is ready to build your hydroelectric power plant from scratch on a turnkey basis. Dokar & Serman analysizes the raw site data, designs and constructs the civil works, designs and manufactures the electromechanical equipment on a water-to-wire basis.

  • Analyses the raw site data including the water flow duration curve of the river,
  • Designs the hydraulic structures such as cofferdam, canal, tunnel and powerhouse,
  • Designs the electromechanical equipment such as turbine, generator, control equipment and substation,
  • Constructs the hydroelectric power plant,
  • Manufactures and installs electromechanical equipment on a water-to-wire basis.
Dokar-Serman has the experience of studying the economics of the hydroelectric power plant under consideration. Dokar & Serman can calculate the payback period of the HEPP and optimize the design to achieve certain preset payback period expectation of the investor.
In accordance to a recent legislation, the investors can build HEPP under 500kW installed power without the need to get a license from EMRA. Since the licensing phase can take several years, the legislation offers a unique opportunity to investors who would like to harness mini hydroelectric potential in Turkey. Dokar & Serman has the experience and implementation capability to advise and guide potential investors who would be interested in mini hydroelectric power plants.
Brief Review of Turkish Hydroelectric Power Market,

  • A total installed capacity of 10.069MW Hydro power projects are licensed as of April 2008.
  • Almost %90 of the issued hydro power project licenses are not operational. Still at the design and building phase.
  • Not very many greenfield projects left. Need to take over existing licenses for market penetration.
  • A total installed capacity of 6.818MW Hydro power projects are in the process of getting license from EMRA as of April 2008.
  • Licensing takes about 2 years for a hydro power project.
  • Typical payback period for a hydro power project in Turkey is from 7 to 13 years.
  • Installed capacity for %80 of the total hydro power projects are below 50MW
  • 3000 operating hours in one year is an average value for hydro power projects in Turkey.
  • Very few large (>100MW ) hydro power projects exists.
  • Majority of the hydro power projects are run-of-river type.
  • The projects are accumulated in the east and northeast of Turkey.



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