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Since 1989, Dokar Inc. has been building the energy infrastructure of Turkey, mainly by focusing on the turnkey construction of dams, irrigation facilities and installation of mechanical/electrical equipment and instrumentation under various state contracts. Through projects realized, Dokar has acquired invaluable experience and problem solving capability, not only in technical terms but also in relationship management with government & state authorities. 

Dokar, relying on her past experience of building dams and thermal power plants, is very much involved in the renewable energy market. We have recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with Serman Energy Srl., a Italian hydroelectric power plant equipment manufacturer. Dokar with vast experience in designing and building hydraulic structures and Serman with water turbine design and manufacturing capability, the partnership has the unique capability of offering turnkey and one stop design and construction of hydroelectric power plants not only in Turkey but also elsewhere.

Dokar has also signed several distributorship agreements with international companies for waste heat generators and micro turbines. Dokar is currently installing and marketing the waste heat generators which are capable of producing electricity from 126°C hot water or 200°C hot exhaust gas. The ability to make use of low enthalpy heat sources opens many untapped applications such as electricity generation from low temperature geothermal water sources (as low as 126°C) which is widely available in Turkey. The waste heat from chimneys can be turned into electricity with no fuel cost. 

In 2003 Dokar has finished the construction of the first Rubber Dam in Aydın, Turkey under a contract from State Hydraulic Works (DSİ). Both the civil works (foundation works, excavation, river dredging) and the installation (mechanical, electrical equipment, piping & instrumentation) is carried out by Dokar. The said Rubber Dam was the 8th largest rubber dam in the world as of 2003. Dokar and Bridgestone of Japan carried out the turnkey construction of the Rubber Dam together. 

Dokar has completed a contract from the EÜAŞ Afşin Elbistan Power Plant Unit B on fly ash hauling & stockpiling. Afşin Elbistan Power Plant Unit B is the largest coal-fired (1440MW installed power) power plant in Turkey with a Flue Gas Desulphurisation unit. Dokar design team has designed and constructed a state-of-the-art ash handling system which has been operating flawlessly since 2004. The state-of-art ash handling system has safely stockpiled 18.100.000m³ of fly ash and FGD sludge since 2004. 

Since 1989, Dokar has been undertaking hard-to-design and hard-to-construct projects. The differenciation of Dokar is her ability to design and implement brand new ideas which reduces cost and increase efficiency. 

Dokar is committed to be an efficient designer and contractor in building the infrastructure of Turkish renewable energy market. Please feel free to contact us for any turnkey projects.



Mebusevleri Mah. Turgut Reis Cad. No: 5/11,
Ankara/Türkiye, 06580  


Email  : dokar@dokar.com.tr
Phone : +90(312) 440 11 33

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