F.A.Q / Frequently Asked Questions


Question 1 : Where can l get natural resources of electric production apart from the wind and solar?


1-a) : If you are targeting a bio-mass then revert to municipality where there is a capacity report is available.

1-b) : If you are targeting a water course then revert to State Water Management (DSI) where there is a list of suitable sites are planned. For the Hydroelectric power plants (500 KW and below HEPP) only the local authority permission is issued by DSI and/or by the City Administration.

Question 2 : Does it need to get an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) assessment for the possible negative impact (CED-initiative)?

Answer 2 : If the location is earmarked for the assessment & approval of EPA then application must clear thru the EPS initiative.

Question 3 : It is a common belief that the electric production capacity should not exceed over 30% of the transformer sub-station! According to this information 100KW per person is allocated for a period of one year. Does this mean no sales to grid for over 100KW?

Answer 3 : Yes it is true ! No connection / sales is permitted due to transformer sub-station limitations. The largest capacity of sub-station “TRAFO” in Turkey is 2400 kW. 30% of it makes 720 kW to be shared by the applicants. Therefore you can be able to sell 100kW only.

Question 4 : Can a person who has power plant located in Ankara, be able to sell his electric in Antalya where he is using the energy?

Answer 4 : NO- it is not allowed. The generated energy can be sold within the same Electric Distribution Company territory.

Question 5 : How to nationalize the 75% of the equipment list used in the manufacture of HEPP?

Answer 5 : This issue hasn’t been cleared by the Ministry of Industry and Development yet!

Question 6 : What is the cost of application?

Answer 6 : This issue hasn’t been cleared by the governing body yet. However it usually stipulated and announced on December 31 of each year.

Question 7 : Would the Electric Distribution Companies accept or refuse the applications?

Answer 7 : NO- they can’t refuse it by their own will. They can’t discriminate amongst the HEPP owners. Disputes if arise shall be resolved by the EMRA (Energy Market Regulatory Authority)

Question 8 : Can l sell the electricity with a formulation of compensation thru the assistance of reconciliation board?

Answer 8 : NO- you can’t sell it. The power you have generated must be utilized by yourself and only the surplus electric can be sold to the electric Distribution Company.

Question 9 : Can l sell the entire electric power l produce to utilities markets?

Answer 9 : NO you can’t sell all of it.

Question 10 : Can l hook-up my own electricity to my factory / business without inter-connecting thru the Electric Distribution company?

Answer 10 : YES, you can do it when and if your HEPP and the factory is in the same locale. However if the inter-connecting line cross-over the gird lines then you have to link it thru the Electric Distribution Company.



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