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12.01.2011 Print E-mail
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Türkiye enerji sektörünü yakinen inceleyen haber ve araştırmalarıyla sektörde adını duyuran Enerji Dergisi, Yönetim Kurulu Başkanımız Sabri Karabay ile Dokar’ın dünü, bugünü ve ileriye dönük projeleri hakkında söyleşi gerçekleştirmiştir.

Sayın Sabri Karabay, Kasım-Aralık 2010 sayısında yayınlanan Enerji Dergisine verdiği röportaj da “Dokar inşaat, Avrupalı su türbin ve yine Avrupalı Hidro Generatör firmalarıyla beraber HES yatırımcılarına Türkiye, Türkiye’ye komşu ülkeler, Ortadoğu Ülkeleri, Afganistan ve Pakistan gibi ülkelerde A’dan Z’ye anahtar teslimi çözümler sunduklarını ve Türkiye’deki mini hidroelektrik potansiyelden yararlanmak isteyen yatırımcılara önemli fırsatlar sunmaya hazırlandıklarını belirtmiştir.”

28.12.2010 Print E-mail

Proudly announces the news of solution-partnership, joint -collaboration with the worldknown hydro-generator manufacturer ELPROM ZEM

Dokar has signed an exclusive representation & distributorship agreement with ELPROM ZEM product sales to Turkey and her neighboring countries, Middle-East, GCC states, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

ELPROM ZEM has been the major manufacturer of mid-to-large capacity generators supplying to East European block as well as Canada, India, Cuba. ELPROM ZEM conducts a vigorous testing regime with the notable European standards & accreditation institutions before the delivery. ELPROM ZEM has sixty years of experience to master low speed 75rpm up to 1500rpm hydro-generators ranging from 100kVA to as high as 235MVA. ELPROM ZEM also repairs and refurbishes the power plants that need an electrical rehabilitation to upgrade the efficiency.

 dokaralt bg

ELPROM ZEM general directors and DOKAR International projects manager signing the exclusive distributorship / solution-partnership agreement – Sofia Bulgaria 28 December 2010

16.09.2010 Print E-mail

DOKAR Ltd., received an invitation to bid a Hydro Electric Power Plant –HEPP- project in Afghanistan. The scope of the contract includes Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Electromechanical equipment along with detailed engineering designs and drawings of the E&M (Electrical and Mechanical) and CE (Control equipments). All Works for the machine foundations, supply of E&M/CM equipments as per schedule, erection thereof, testing and successful commissioning of the E&M and CE components complete to generate 1.3 MW of electricity in Chak-e-Wardak hydropower station. Dismantling of the existing network and installation of one 20 kV and attached 0.4/0,23 kV distribution network including house connections

We are thankful to the offices of Mr. Bernd Wohlgemuth, Germany Trade and Invest GmbH, Mr. Sigrid Meier of Umwelt & Energie GmbH ( INTEGRATION environment & energy) and Ms. Silke Hermes of KfW Development Bank, Germany for their collective efforts.

DOKAR is presently collecting a local data by field investigation to establish an outpost to analyze, classify and forecast the best conditions for civil works & high-tech implementations. DOKAR is also talking to the number of international companies with sure footing in the area to form a consortium and/or joint ventures.

18.09.2010 Print E-mail

DOKAR Ltd., proudly announces the contract signed with the Heavy Mechanical Complex, one of the oldest & resourceful manufacturing establishments in Pakistan to study, design, manufacture and install/operate small to medium range hydro-electric Power Plants along the river banks.

HMC -Heavy Mechanical Complex, Taxila, - located 35km from the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad, is “the industry leader” working under the Ministry of Industries & productions, Government of Pakistan. HMC employs more than 1.000 people.

The major facilities of this integrated company was established during the early seventies include R&D, engineering and fabrication of Cement plants, Sugar plants, Chemical & Petro-Chemical Plants, Industrial Steam Boilers, Thermal & Hydel Power Plants, Road Construction machinery, Railway Equipment, Overhead Cranes, Chassis for Trucks and Buses. Experienced in the general steel structure and highly sophisticated casting & forging all sorts of metallurgical plants. Not only skilled in the heat treatment, pattern-metal forming, galvanizing, but also applying the most comprehensive quality control / quality assurance for the customer confidence worldwide .

In the wake of current serious challenges of power deficit in the country, the Pakistani government has adopted various measures to overcome the power supply gaps.

Using the country’s immense water circuits from the Indus river via stream-branches, canals and aqua-ducts, HMC and DOKAR shall be alimenting HEPP (Hydro Electric Power Plant) that will be the quick and long lasting solution to Pakistan's power needs. The implementation of HEPP is the most practical answer for regional needs where hook-up to grid will be relatively easier.

DOKAR will mobilize its local and international resources to meet this demand which will reach to 143,050MW in the year 2030. Hydro-power generation increase from the present 6,460MW to 32,660MW for the next decade and half shall definitely change the destiny of Pakistan. Whence the HEPP projects are achieved the Government’s endeavours to increase exports of high value addition consumer-goods which makes 63% of the world trade in year 2003 will multiply the income per capita.

DOKAR also develops solutions to flood control / water management systems by implementing Rubber-Dams for all purposes i.e. irrigation and flow-regulation.

We feel the strongest synergy between the “kardes” countries amalgamated once again during these arduous times. DOKAR and HMC are ready to employ all the collective efforts, know-how and acumen to do monumental projects for generations to get benefit.

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12.10.2009 Print E-mail

Mr Fatih Yeşilbaş, owner of STY Construction and Mr Günay Köse, owner of Yapı-tek Ltd have visited our factory in Ljubljana. Dokar-TurboInstitut partnership offered a turnkey water-to-wire solution to the hydroelectric projects of Mr.Yeşilbaş and Mr.Köse to be constructed in Turkey.

A site visit to an running hydroelectric power plant in Slovenia, namely Sava HEPP(2x1,5MW) has been completed on the same day.

08.04.2009 Print E-mail

Dokar has signed an agreement with Turboinstitut of Slovenia in order to offer Turboinstitut water turbines (Kaplan, Francis, Pelton) and pumps to hydroelectric power plants which are to be constructed in Turkey. The Dokar-Turboinstitut partnership will evaluate and design the electromechanical equipment on a water-to-wire basis.

The global partnership will not only sell the equipment but also commission them after the installation at site. The goal of the partnership is to offer complete turnkey solutions to investors who would like to harness the hydroelectric potential globally.

DSC00121k DSC00123K

07.04.2009 Print E-mail

Dokar and Turboinstitut has signed an agreement to build hydroelectric power plant from scratch on a turnkey basis. Dokar&Turboinstitut analyses the raw site data, designs and constructs the civil works, designs and manufactures the electromechanical equipment on a water-to-wire basis. Everything from design of civil works to literally constructing the hydroelectric power plant will be carried by Dokar&Turboinstitut

The goal of Dokar&Turboinstitut is to offer one stop shopping opportunity to investors who would like to build their own hydroelectric power plants. The territory of agreement is not restricted to Turkey and the two companies agreed to cooperate globally.

DSC00116k DSC00118k

05.03.2009 Print E-mail

Dokar_Power_Magazine_AdPower Magazine is a leading energy journal that has been covering the industry for more than 125 years. With an international readership of 138,000 executives and a wide editorial reach that covers the increasingly global power generation industry, Power provides an essential guide to business leaders, engineering specialists and investors on the major energy plays that lie ahead.

Turkey country report to be published in June 2009 will be based on insight from key local figures and will serve as an invaluable guide to the international investors, manufacturers and utilities planning to enter the Turkish market.

Global Business Reports a London-based communication agency specializing in country-focused business intelligence reports approached Dokar for her views of the Turkish Energy Market. Dokar with 20 years of design and construction experience in the Turkish energy infrastructure gave an interview for the Turkey country report to be published in June 2009.