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Renewable Energy

Actual Size of the Turkish Electricity Market

  • The total installed capacity is 40.844MW
  • %58 of installed capacity is owned by the government
  • The BO(Build-Own Contracts)-BOT(Build-Own-Operate Contracts)-ToOR(Transfer of Operating Rights) power plants which are selling their electricity to the state-owned TETAŞ (Electricity Wholesale Co.) via long-term purchase agreements have a market share of %23. These companies are not licensed
  • Private companies holding generation, autoproducer and autoproducer group licenses have a total market share of 18%.
  • As of 2007, on the generated energy basis, EÜAŞ (Electricity Generation Co.) and its affilliates have a market share of 49%.
  • The BO-BOT-ToOR power plants have a market share of 33%.
  • Private companies holding generation autoproducer and autoproducer group licenses have a total market share of 18%.
  • Within last few years, electricity consumption increased at a rate of %9
  • In 2007, 190TWh electricity is generated

Demand & Supply

  • In the period 2004-2007, 5.692 MW of new capacity was commissioned.
  • 2.566 MW (45%) of this capacity was built by private companies holding licenses.
  • In the following 6 years (2008-2013), regarding two marginal scenarios, a total new capacity in the range of 8.500-13.000 MW is expected to be commissioned.
  • However, these numbers are still below the necessary new capacity to meet the demand increasing in the range of 8-9% per year. (Roughly 3.000 MW a year)?

Regulations and Licensing

  • With the Electricity Market Law No:4628 (EML), enacted on March 3rd, 2001;
  • Removal of the monopolist structure in electricity supply,
  • Opening the activities in the electricity generation market to competition, under the regulation and supervision of EMRA,
  • EMRA is assigned to be the regulator of the market.
  • All legal entities to be engaged in market activities must obtain the relevant license for each activity;
  • Legal entities holding more than one license or legal entities performing the same activity in more than one facility must keep separate books and records of account for each licensed activity or facility.
  • Licenses can not be transferred to another entity.
  • The licensees except generation and autoproducer licensees cannot engage in non-market activities.
  • The direct or indirect acquisition or a transfer of shares of a licensee are subject to EMRA Board approval.
  • Law on utilization of Renewable Energy Sources, No:5346
  • Wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, biogas, wave, current and tidal energy resources suitable for the electricity generation together with hydro power generation plants, either run-of-river type or with a reservoir area of less than fifteen square kilometers.
  • EMRA will grant a certificate for Renewable Energy
  • for the plants to be included in the system until year-end of 2011, the followings are applied,
  • purchase guarantee for a price that will not be below Turkish Lira corresponding to at least 5 Eurocent/kWh during 10 years for hydroelectric power.
  • there is a purchase obligation for the retail sale companies in the market from Renewable Energy (RES)based electricity generation.
  • purchase obligation ratio for each retail sale companies to purchase RES certified electricity is the proportion of the previous year’s sales each company to total energy amount of the companies.
1 Hydroelectric
2 Geothermal Energy
3 Solar Energy
4 Wind Energy