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  • Dokar A.Ş.
  • Dokar A.Ş.
28.12.2010 Print E-mail

Proudly announces the news of solution-partnership, joint -collaboration with the worldknown hydro-generator manufacturer ELPROM ZEM

Dokar has signed an exclusive representation & distributorship agreement with ELPROM ZEM product sales to Turkey and her neighboring countries, Middle-East, GCC states, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

ELPROM ZEM has been the major manufacturer of mid-to-large capacity generators supplying to East European block as well as Canada, India, Cuba. ELPROM ZEM conducts a vigorous testing regime with the notable European standards & accreditation institutions before the delivery. ELPROM ZEM has sixty years of experience to master low speed 75rpm up to 1500rpm hydro-generators ranging from 100kVA to as high as 235MVA. ELPROM ZEM also repairs and refurbishes the power plants that need an electrical rehabilitation to upgrade the efficiency.

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ELPROM ZEM general directors and DOKAR International projects manager signing the exclusive distributorship / solution-partnership agreement – Sofia Bulgaria 28 December 2010